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6 Ways You Can Use The Virtuali-Tee

6 Ways You Can Use The Virtuali-Tee

We created The Virtuali-Tee as a call to reinvent learning. Millions of people carry smartphones in their pockets and with new exciting technologies such as augmented and virtual reality these devices can be turned into portals to new worlds. But what makes it special? 

Is it the cool design? Is it because you get to use your phone? Let's have a look at 6 ways you can use The Virtuali-Tee, and why people love it from all around the world. 

In The Classroom
Are you a teacher? Do you want a fun new way to get your class to learn? We received lots of feedback from customers that purchased the T-Shirt for demonstration in class. This is a great opportunity to embrace new technology and is a really fun and exciting way for kids to learn. 

At Home
Bored on the summer holidays? Struggling to find things for your kids to get up to that doesn't involve a lot of mess? The Virtuali-Tee is a great way to distract your children in the home. One fun example we found was a boy that put the t-shirt on his dog and learnt the anatomy whilst chasing him around the living room. 

Medical Students
Struggling to locate the Oesophagus? Eyes dried up from all the reading? This is a great way for medical students and doctors to reinvent the way we learn about the human body. Research has showed we learn best when doing and you can certainly get a hands-on approach with the Virtuali-Tee.

As A Gift
Sometimes it can be impossible to find an affordable and fun gift, especially in a saturated market with lots of choice. Virtuali-Tee makes the perfect gift as it is a stylish t-shirt that can be showed off to all their friends, as well as a great introduction to AR/VR. 
Fancy Dress
We've all seen the classic mummy wrapped up in toilet roll, a zombie with ripped up clothes or the cliched sexy nurse but why not do something new and inventive with added "oooh". The app enables you to look inside the body and as it gives you a peak inside the body, would be great to use around Halloween. 

Birthday Party
Kids parties are fairly easy to setup, but how do you get them to remember it forever? Having a centre piece or a talking point about the party and an item to focus on that everyone can easily get involved with is a great way to do that. Simply theme the party around the body or science and off you go! You could even give the t-shirt away as a prize.

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