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Curiscope is here to stay!

Curiscope is here to stay!

Some months ago we had to give you all the bad news that Curiscope was going to close down. The pandemic was tough on us, with 75% of our revenue dropping overnight in March 2020 as our retailers closed, stock became stuck and Amazon restricted selling to essential goods. But over the past year since the announcement, I’ve been working super hard to be able to continue selling our products. And I’m extremely happy to announce today that Curiscope will not be closing down and we’ll be continuing to sell our range of immersive educational products. Moravia Consulting, an established family-owned edtech and consulting business based in Europe will be stepping in to pick up where Curiscope left a few months ago. 

Personally I still get a huge buzz when I see our products out in the world and I know so many of you were gutted when we posted the announcement and keen to find any way to continue on with development and production. I had messages from a lot of you! And the one thing I wanted to ensure was that the product was still available for existing customers and educators - I take a great deal of responsibility on delivering products to the education space and I’m incredibly happy we’ll continue to do so. 

Fortunately the team at Moravia are experts. So much so that I think they’ll do a much better job of getting the product out there at scale and minimizing the logistic problems that became so difficult for us in 2020. They’re one of the leading distributors in Europe and stock fantastic products like Cubetto from our good friends Primo Toys. I know they’ll not only continue with what we’ve achieved to date but also drive forwards with the vision that we started launching on Kickstarter over 6 years ago, keeping the spirit of the brand intact.

For our existing customers, nothing will change. All the materials and resources will stay exactly where they are, and new t-shirts and posters are now on the way from the manufacturers. The Moravia team is working extra hard behind the scenes to make sure Curiscope products will be back in stock very soon.

Thank you all for the memories and your support,


PS. Personally I’ll be remaining in touch on the sidelines but if you’d like to see what I’m up to now, you can check out my newest endeavour at

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