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One of the top startups in the UK

One of the top startups in the UK

Awards are a very small part of running a company and don’t even compare to the feeling you get when you receive a message from a teacher telling you that your product has transformed a lesson. Fortunately, we’re lucky enough to be recipients of both but one thing I’ve learned about running a company is that it’s all too easy to breeze past these milestones in the constant pursuit of the next one.

With that in mind, I wanted to write a quick post to take this moment in. Sure, we’re 48 on the list (for now! The constant search for milestones never ends, we’ll be at 1 soon enough) but a few years back Curiscope was just an idea between a couple of friends. So whilst our ultimate validation will always be our customers, it’s always nice to be recognised along the way.

A thank you to for listing us and also to UK Tech News who profiled us this week in a list of Edtech startups that are re-imagining learning.


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