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Our next product and a new partnership

Our next product and a new partnership

It’s Thursday 23rd January 2020 and the week of BETT, one of the biggest education shows in the world. This will be the 4th that I’ve attended. 

Our first BETT was our first opportunity to test the reception to the original Virtuali-Tee prototype. At this point the t-shirt was white and I think had the design on upside down because of a misunderstanding about the iron-on pattern instructions. We spent the four days running around the show floor speaking to everybody and anybody we could get in front of and many of you ended up becoming Kickstarter backers and friends. 

So BETT 2020 (come and find me if you’re here) is as good a time as any to drop our biggest hint as to what is coming from us next. 

We’ve made a habit of working with great partners over the years. These have included Amazon Studios, Discovery and Dorling Kindersley as well as sector experts like Oceans Research. 

And when we surveyed you all in 2019 there was one subject you clearly wanted us to cover next, Space. There’s not an area of Science I’m more fascinated by than Space, so this was music to my ears. See below for a pic of the Aurora Borealis taken when I had the privilege of travelling to Northern Norway.

It also happens to be a subject area where we have the perfect partner. This partner is San Shepherd and his company, Future Tech Labs. 

I’ve known San since one of the first Oculus Connect events and we’ve stayed in touch since. San is perhaps best known for creating Star Chart, one of the first astronomy apps that visualised the universe around us on our smartphones. Star Chart has been downloaded over 40m times and has been routinely featured by Apple and Google on their platforms. Common Sense Media gave it 5 stars

San is now working on his next endeavour, Multiverse, a social VR planetarium that will evolve over time into a full platform. And given this, we decided to make our next product a Curiscope Multiverse collaboration.

If you’re at BETT this week, we can give you a sneak peek. But if you’re not, here are a few teaser pics. More will follow next week and we’ll also be announcing the details of our launch week at one of the world’s most loved science institutions.


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