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A-Life add Curiscope’s Virtuali-Tee to their Healthy Workshop curriculum

A-Life add Curiscope’s Virtuali-Tee to their Healthy Workshop curriculum

A-Life will be showcasing this on stand EDC61 at BETT on the 22nd-25th January 2020.

Reading, UK, 15th January 2020. A-life are excited to announce a new, highly engaging station as part of our Healthy Workshops - the Virtuali-Tee. In this new activity, children will be amazed as they dive into the human body (quite literally!) and see through a t-shirt combined with AR technology how different systems in the body work. 

The two companies will be showcasing this partnership on A-Life’s stand EDC61 at the BETT education show from 22nd-25th January at London Excel.

Peter Adams, CEO of A-life said, “As soon as we saw the interactive Curiscope t-shirt we knew it would be perfect as part of our Healthy Workshop. And we were right – the children and staff are loving it! It brings the human body to life in a way that they will not have experienced before. The children really enjoy exploring the different callouts and seeing the systems working. The teachers love how engaged the children are and the way it brings learning to life.”

Having taught over 1 million children about keeping fit and healthy, the A-life team are confident about what engages children and gets their attention. 

Curiscope’s Virtuali-Tee is now available in over 10 languages and is used as part of the teaching in thousands of schools worldwide. The app and t-shirt pair to become the only way for children to learn about the human body...on a human body. The app comes with a voiceover guide, lets you explore the different systems and has 3 different 360-degree experiences inside the lungs, intestines and the bloodstream. 

Ed Barton, CEO of Curiscope said, “Greater contextual understanding of the human body and therefore our own fitness and health was one of the core reasons behind us creating the Virtuali-Tee. For too many what goes on beneath our skin is too abstract and this leaves us disconnected when it comes to looking after ourselves. We’re really excited to see an organisation like A-Life taking it on as a key component of their fantastic workshops.”

Curiscope is one of the world leaders in immersive learning, creating Great White Sharks, one of the most viewed VR experiences of all time. Their award winning AR products have been sold in over 100 countries and retail on Amazon, through their website and in The Science Museum.

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A-life’s range of school workshops, bring to life the health elements of the RHE 2020, PSHE, Science and PE curriculum. We are passionate about education that makes an impact and have designed each of our workshops to help children, teachers and families to really understand and absorb the vital messages of how to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

Over 1 million children have now experienced A-life's fun, memorable and engaging workshops. Click here to see why so many children from Early Years through to Year 6 can actively engage with our vast range of multi-sensory resources so well. It brings the curriculum to life for your pupils in a way that wouldn't be possible in the classroom.

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    Curiscope, the company behind one of the most watched virtual reality experiences of all time (now watched by 30 million), was launched in 2016 by co-founders Ed Barton and Ben Kidd with a mission to bring learning to life through immersive technology. By using apps and physical products, the Brighton, UK based startup builds the impossible into everyday surroundings, transforming classrooms and homes into engaging, purpose-led and memorable moments that fuel curiosity.


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