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One Small Step for Curiscope

Four years ago we took our first small step, launching Great White Sharks onto Youtube 360 and in doing so we stepped out into a new world; Curiscope was born.

Since founding the company we’ve launched a book, a game and we’ve sold products to over 100 countries. More importantly, we’ve made amazing connections with all of you who are using our products in your organisations, in your homes and in your schools. In 2019, one interaction in particular stands out. I loved seeing this tweet and image by the Grade 1 students at Berlin Brandenburg International School.

Running this company has given us so many insights but perhaps the most informative is that the majority of people still don’t know what augmented reality is. And this remains our most exciting challenge. Our job is not to create augmented reality products but to achieve great, magical, valuable things through our use of the tech. So when you’re putting on the Virtuali-Tee to learn about the body, you’re doing so because the unique context the product provides delivers a better outcome than would be otherwise possible.

We also learned the importance of new technologies being truly integrated within the classroom environment, not just an afterthought. And thanks to the support of hundreds of you who have filled out our surveys, we’ve been able to narrow our focus going forwards on products that sit beautifully in the classroom. We love the Virtuali-Tee because it’s dual purpose, it’s a t-shirt but it transforms into something much more. Our next product will follow this trend.

But our next product won’t be about the human body. Curiscope has always been about a wider curiosity for worlds around us, whether that be the human anatomy, an earlier time in history or going to the darkest depths of the oceans. We want to leverage technology to create learning experiences, integrated into the classroom, that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

And so, for this week at least, I’ll leave it at that. As we move into 2020, I’m incredibly excited to take the next small step for Curiscope. Look out for our next product in February and look out for previews across January as we continue with our vision to bring learning to life. Happy new year!

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